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What car shall I buy?

This is a question that most people have to answer at some point so I will give you a few pointers to help you make that decision, what car shall I buy?.

There are many cars available and even more ranges are being launched, too many  we think, the choices are mind boggling! On the flip side, this means that you no longer fit into one category anymore and therefore you have a choice of vehicles to go for.

Vehicle Types

For example, if you have a family you may require more seats and/or storage space, many cars can handle these, an SUV such as a Honda HRV spring to mind however, you can also go for something completely different such as a 4×4 or an estate car. The Mercedes E class estate has a 7 seater option.

The point here is to do your homework. Find out what alternatives there are. The first place I would start is by looking at the most obvious cars on and then look at the alternative cars section to give you some ideas. You could also play around with the filter search using

Car Manufacturers

Most car manufacturers these days offer great reliability and bang for your buck. With this said it all depends what is close to your heart in terms of choosing which one.

If you prefer something cheap but nice looking and well equipped, its very hard to rule out Korean manufacturers such as Hynudai and Kia, both of which have really stepping up their game and actually shook the car industry with 7 year warranties.

If however the brand name and vehicle quality are more of importance then you cant go wrong with the “BIG 3”, i.e. Audi, BMW and Mercedes. VW, Skoda and Volvo usually have higher build quality than other rivals such as Mazda, Toyota and Nissan.

There are of course other manufacturers that are very good such as Land Rover and Ford but I find that Ford are slightly overpriced and have a budget brand image and on the other scale Land Rover have a very ‘top dog’ image without the bark, reliability for Landrover would be the first alarm bell that would ring, maybe the new generation will remedy that. Again there are other car manufacturers but that’s for you to find now!


Your requirements should determine which car is right for your needs, I would write a list of the things that are really important to you in order of preference.

Once you have your list, use it to narrow down which car type is right for you, then you can start looking at the options.

You might say “I really want a sports car” but have 3 kids, surely you would not then get a 2 seater like a Mazda MX3! With that said you could still have a sporty car with 3 kids in the back. A mid sized sport saloon like an M5 would set your seat on fire for sure.


There are a few options really, if you want a car that is pound for pound the best you can get for your money then I would suggest going for a Japanease or Korean car. You get more kit as standard and they are pretty cheap to run too so its a win win.

If however you wanted something more solid, then a VW, Seat or Volvo spring to mind which are slightly better in build quality to a certain degree (VW for sure). However it depends on the car, just note that  a Honda has excellent build quality and punches well above its weight. Seat can use cheap plastics but like Skoda are built on the VW platform which is great.

Lastly if you want to go for something top of the range then you cannot go wrong with the big german companies such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. They build any car you could want to the hoghest standards in the world. They set the bar in most classes and most interestingly enough they all make cars that rival budget manufacturers like Kia all the way up to super car manufacturers such as Lamborghini.