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Keys Locked Inside Car

Here’s a problem that can occur if your car is equipt with the feature of locking the doors after a short period of time. Some cars are inteliggent enough to work out if your keys are inside the car, for example, if you try to lock the boot with the keys inside, the car senses this and does not allow you to be able to lock the boot.

However what happens when you lock your keys in your car? Here’s some tips on what to do:

  1. It may sound obvious but where’s the spare key? Sometimes there is a hidden key inside the manufacture wallet that holds your manual etc.
  2. Call your breakdown company, e.g. RAC, they will know what to do and they will prioritise you if you have a young child trapped inside.
  3. There are companies that will come out to you, google something like car locksmith, they will of course charge you more if its unsociable hours like a plumber will.
  4. DIY Options include breaking into your car like a car theif, e.g. using a tennis ball (how carries one of those!) or using something like a slim-jim to put inside the door to see if you can manually unlock it. Any of these methods will take time and you will need the correct tools.
  5. You could smash a window but theres a better option below.

We recommend, using something to prize open a door and then poking a long item inside to either hook the keys or unlock the door. This is the method is more than likely what the professionals will use.

pump-wedgeWe recommend using something like a pump wedge to prize open the door and then use an electricians rod with a hook on the end to either unlock the car or grab the keys.

You can see more info with illustration images here.